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Social Media – Part of Practice Life

Social Media – Part of Practice Life

Social media is ubiquitous these days. If people only have one social media account, it’s Facebook. According to Facebook, by the first quarter of 2018, the social network has 1.45 billion daily active users. From a statistics viewpoint alone, there’s a good argument for having a Facebook Page for your Practice.

Having a Facebook Page for your Practice gives you an informal way to reach your audience. Chances are, many of your clients are already Facebook users, and, chances are, a good portion of their posted content is photos of their pets – your patients! So how can you get Facebook to work for your Practice?


Facebook is the ideal place to add value to the service you already provide. Use it to post information that will help people take better care of their pets. Some ideal examples are:

  • Short videos on tick removal or nail clipping
  • Carrying safety messages – keep the chocolate out of reach this Easter, don’t feed your dog Christmas pudding, wash pets paws if walking in icy conditions where roads and pavements have been treated with salt, etc.
  • Keeping clients up to date with new treatments or medications, such as new solutions for allergies or upset tummies
  • Tips on training, dealing with teething puppies or kittens, or on keeping pets calm during thunderstorms or fireworks


The success of a promotion largely depends on how many people know the promotion is happening. Facebook taps into a large audience that helps spread the word. Use it to:

  • Tell people about new classes: how to care for your bunny, puppy socialisation classes, etc.
  • Special offers on flea treatments, specialist diets, microchipping, etc.
  • Promote on-going offers, such as Dental Plans or ‘healthy pet’ clubs


Facebook was originally thought up to ‘bring the world closer together’ – whether you buy into that or not, the fact remains, when it comes to local communities, people use it. Chances are, your town or area has several Groups specific to your geographical region, from Cat Lover or Dog Walking groups to Buying and Selling groups and “What’s Happening in Our Community” groups. These are ideal places to get involved and connect with your target audience. You can use Facebook to tap into your community:

  • Supporting a local event? Tell your followers you’ll be there and invite them to come along for a chat.
  • Taking part in an event for charity? Invite sponsorship from your Facebook following!
  • Encourage people to share photos and stories of their pets. Posts such as ‘post the last picture you took of your pet’ or having a photo competition with a specific title: March Madness, Jubilant June, Lazy Summer Day, etc. will all see your clients filling your newsfeed.
  • With your clients’ permission, take photos of your patients and showcase the work you do – “Bob arrived today with a slice on his paw from discarded glass in the park – a painkiller, a few stitches and a short course of antibiotics and he’ll soon be running around and getting up to mischief again. He’s been a very brave boy” – items such as these show the everyday side of the work your Practice does.
  • Showcase your team – whether it’s wishing them a Happy Birthday, congratulating them on passing a course or treating a patient, your team is integral to the success of your Practice so show your audience who will be looking after their pets.

Build trust:

Trust is fundamentally important when clients need someone to look after their pet. Introducing your team and featuring them regularly on your Page will help to build that trust. New pet owners or people moving into the area are likely to investigate various Practices online, including checking their Facebook Page. If there is plenty of content on there, it allows them to get a feeling for your Practice from afar. A well-maintained Page, featuring photos of patients and staff, tips and tricks and helpful information, will give prospective clients a much greater sense of comfort. They’re more likely to choose a Practice where they can see ‘behind the scenes’ than one they know nothing of until they walk through the door.


Social media is a handy, flexible and, largely free tool that can help to increase your Practice’s growth, success and standing within your community. Make sure you’re using it to help show off all the fantastic work you do.



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